Strategic Consulting

POWERHOUSE MENA PARTNERS is a high level advisory firm that offers advisory services to governments, corporate entities, and international organizations. Based in Dubai, with presence throughout the MENA region and Washington, D.C., POWERHOUSE MENA PARTNERS focuses primarily on the MENA region. It differentiates its self through an exclusive focus on the MENA region, an in-depth and high-level working knowledge of the region, and an extensive network of high-level contacts with the major private businesses and public institutions in the region and globally. Its partners and senior staff have had distinguished careers as ambassadors, diplomats, cabinet officials, and senior executives and CEOs of public and private entities both in the region and globally.
POWERHOUSE MENA PARTNERS offers customized analytical services to governments, businesses, advisory firms, investors, and foreign aid agencies in a broad range of fields, by a team of senior partners who will be assembled to meet the specific needs of the clients. Such services include, inter alia:

Political Risk Assessment

Political risk assessment for potential investors, contractors, and business partners throughout the MENA region.

Economic Risk Assessment

Economic risk assessment at both micro and micro levels for potential investors, contractors, project managers, vendors, and joint-venture partners.

Investment Advisory

Investment advisory services for direct investments and co-investments in the region.

Project Management

Project management advisory for infrastructure, transport, energy, shopping centers, and private development projects.

Advisory Services

Advisory services for negotiating legal and business agreements, investments, project finance, joint-ventures, etc.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers, acquisitions and investment into and out of the region.

Asset Recovery

Distress asset recovery and acquisition.

Portfolio and Financial Advisory

Portfolio and financial investment advisory services into the region’s public equity markets.

Direct and Private Investment

Direct and private investments into and out of the region.

Due Diligence Assistance

Assistance with due diligence on corporate investments, project finance, and partnerships.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance and best practices advisory.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution for business investments.

Crisis Management

Whether our clients’ interests are threatened through propaganda/rumors fueled by different types of media, or business impediment due to political dilemmas, we work diligently and expeditiously to resolve our client’s quagmire. We optimize our communications strategies, diplomatic networks, media and legal savvy to serve the clients’ best interest.

Focus Areas of Crisis Management





Conflict Resolution

Conflict Assessments

Utilizing test macro/meso/micro assessment frameworks we offer the most rigorous analyses and mapping of the region’s conflicts. We provide business, economic, political, and security indicators for possible risks, while rendering strategic solutions for best possible outcomes.

Mediation Services

Acting as a neutral third-party, we facilitate mediation through dialogue.

Negotiation Services

Representing our client at the negotiation table, or providing the necessary coaching to prepare the client for a negotiation with another party.